Happy March!

March has arrived which means spring is finally here! The freshness and newness of spring makes it a great time to declutter and organize our homes and our office here at Pearland Pediatric Dentistry. 

At home, Dr. Clark plans on going through her daughters' closets and taking out clothes and shoes to either donate or give to her younger niece. Dr. Clark is also setting aside time to organize digital pictures so the family can enjoy them. Her family has so many wonderful and fun memories together that she wants to make sure all those memories are remembered. In the office, the team schedules days throughout the year to do deep cleaning and decluttering. Springtime is one of those times when we make sure we are organized and squeaky clean. 

We celebrate every new season with fun office decorations and themed in-office drawings for our patients. We also schedule themed dress up days for our team and we love when our patients join us. Outside of the office, Dr. Clark is looking forward to planting flowers in her backyard. You can find the rest of us outside enjoying warm days with their families.  

In the latest in office news, our team is looking forward to all of our patient families meeting our two newest team members: Ms. Alicia who works with our administrative team and Ms. Candy who is a registered dental assistant. Make sure to say hello to our newest additions--they can’t wait to meet our awesome patients! We will also be hosting our Doctor Referral Appreciation Luncheon and having our annual CPR re-certification in the near future. 

Need a little motivation to keep up with your health goals this year? Remember you are what you eat! A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and good protein help you stay healthy and also help keep your chompers in tip-top shape. Having treats every once in a while is fine as long as good choices are made, you have a reasonable size portion, and you brush afterwards. 

We hope everyone is having a warm and cheery start to their spring. We are looking forward to seeing many of our patients over Spring Break