Happy National Dog Day!

At Pearland Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the importance of man’s best friend, that’s why we’re celebrating National Dog Day! This year, and every year, we are celebrating the lovely Lola who has been part of our family for 7 years. We will definitely spoil her with extra treats, belly rubs, and a round of fetch (though she likes to play keep away best)!  

I grew up having dogs as pets, but Lola is my husband’s first dog. Can you guess who let her start sleeping in our room while I was out of town? Lola has a special place in our family’s hearts. We adopted her from another family and she already had the name of Lola. My husband wanted to change it to Bacon but she was already two years old so we kept Lola.  

Lola loves to run out the front door and she keeps running. One time we had other kids over and she ran out, so I had four little girls in princess dresses running after her down the street. We got in the car and drove after her. After Lola had her fun, she jumped in the car with a smile on her face. She got tons of love from all the girls. Laila has also been known to get into a chair at the table and eat off a plate (BBQ)- which is not allowed.

Animals are awesome! They can lift your spirits and help you remember what is important. They also help your kids learn responsibility at a young age. Dogs, in particular, are one of the most loyal pets a person could choose to have in their life. Dogs can sense your mood and will always stand by you even if you are not being your best. 

To give back to animals in need my daughter loves attends the Houston Humane Society summer Companion Camp so we donate to the Humane Society. My kids have also had lemonade stands for the SPCA in the past.

If you’ve got any furry friends of your own, we hope you’re spoiling them a little extra today!